With this being their third pregnancy, and already having a boy and a girl, Susan & Brian wanted to be surprised with this baby.  So they declined getting an ultrasound to find out the gender of the baby.  After a little bit of teasing about being big enough for twins, a worrisome dream by grandma, a visit from an apparently telepathic 4 year old, and the inability of multiple midwives to pinpoint the baby’s exact position, Susan decided to get an ultrasound.  At 38 weeks pregnant, she discovered she was indeed carrying TWINS!!!  A mere 10 days after the ultrasound, two precious boys (gender was still a surprise!) were born.

Susan was at 4-5 cms when I arrived. Three hours later she was pushing. If this is your first time seeing one of my birth posts, take note that I do not use a flash at births, because I don’t want to be a distraction (annoyance!). It is normal for laboring mamas to want to be in the dark and even to kick everyone out of the room. Susan was no exception 🙂


Susan’s friend finishing up a rice pack she made for Susan.

How appropriate that this came in the mail recently.

The kiddos tried to stay up, but it got late.  They were tucked into bed and then it was time to get down to birthing business.

11:33 pm

Probably my most favorite image of this whole birth.  I love hands during births.

12:22 am

Does this look familiar?  Susan’s mom is getting pretty good at that.

12:46 am

Ok, maybe this one is tied for my favorite image.

12:58 am The baby is right there.

1:02 Baby A is born

A little bit of a rest before Round Two.

1:33 am  Brian’s reaction to Baby B – another boy!!!

Baby B.

Not intending for this to be any foreshadowing….  all the attention on the twins….

Dixie holding Baby A.

Susan holding Baby B.

Baby A was 7 lbs even, Baby B was 6 lbs 9 oz.


Yes, it was a long night and everyone was worn out.  Congratulations Susan & Brian!!  Thanks for inviting me to your birth!

Homebirth attended by Dixie Story, Las Vegas Midwife

Photographed by Jessica B Photography, Las Vegas Birth Photographer