On May 20th, I got a group of family & friends to travel north with me for a leisurely Sunday drive. The annular solar eclipse would be partially visible from Boulder City, but the show would be better in St. George, Utah. Making the short jaunt up to St. George (a lovely place anyways) was well worth it to be in the path of annularity. Annularity is when the shadow of the moon does not cover the entire sun, as in a total solar eclipse, but it leaves a ring of light around the moon. We took a picnic dinner, hung out at a friend’s horse ranch, played with our ghosty shadows, made silly faces with our eclipse glasses, and were in awe of the temperature change and difference in the light as the eclipse progressed. The solar system is pretty amazing. I’m glad this event was close enough that we could attend and that my children could experience. I hope to instill a love in them for all things Heavenly.

Lol Note to Self: Bring the tripod next time, and maybe the cable release. In fact, pack the night before so you don’t forget those things as you are running out the door!