As circumstance would have it, Jillian found herself in a bit of a predicament.  Her baby was breech and her labor had started.  Although she had had some prenatal care, her care provider would not be able to attend her birth and recommended that Jillian go to the hospital.  A breech presentation at a hospital in Las Vegas usually means one thing – cesarean.  Having had a previous homebirth, Jillian was not excited about going to the hospital, let alone having a c-section.  Lucky for her, she has an aspiring midwife for an older sister.  Susan is very well-read and has attended a handful of homebirths, including having her own at home.  After much discussion and contemplation, Jillian decided to labor and deliver at home with Susan to guide her.  I don’t know if Jillian would agree, but in my opinion, the labor was surprisingly fast and smooth.  Susan caught her first baby!  Many experienced midwives started this exact way – attending friend’s births and delivering each other’s babies.  It is exciting to see the growth of the midwives and natural childbirth & homebirthing community in the Las Vegas Valley, and it is exciting to think of what the future holds for us all!

This birth was all about sisterhood.  A sister delivered the baby.  A friend supported a leg.  A mother gave her someone to lean against.  A daughter gave kisses of encouragement.  A baby girl was born.  A big sister cut the cord. And poor Anthony was the only male in the room.  🙂