Ellie’s birth was quite quick – 90 minutes!! I made it to her house a mere 15 minutes before the baby was born.

8:29pm Labor is quite intense for Ellie. Quick labors often are.
heavy labor

8:34pm Breathing through a contraction, with some coaching from her midwife.
breathing through

resting in between contractions

strong contraction

8:46pm Baby is born. Ellie cries tears of joy and relief that labor is over.
tears of joy relief



9:00pm Saying his first Hellos to Grandma, who is out of state.
saying hello to grandma

smile of relief

9:20pm Cutting the cord.
cutting the cord

new mama


10:05pm Midwife Christy Collins examining the newborn. Weighing, measuring, listening, and feeling.

newborn exam

8 lbs 9 oz

chest measurement

father admiring new son

midwives looking on


first kiss
Congratulations Ellie & Jeremy to the wonderful new addition to your family!!

Midwife Christy Collins
Assistant Tiffanie Gonzales
Birth Photographer Jessica Benson