It’s like flossing our teeth… We all know we should do it, but only a handful of us diligently do it.

I’m talking about backing up your computer – specifically your photos & videos. Schedule it in to your busy life, write it on the calendar and do it! Once a year, every six or three months, burn all those images to a disc and put it somewhere safe! I have seven years worth of snapshots on my computer. Have I backed up? Mostly – except for the last year or two, so this is a wake-up call to myself as well. Make a copy (or two or three) of all your memories and then put it somewhere safe, such as IN a safe, a safe deposit box at the bank, or in a safe place at a family member or friend’s house.

Just recently, a client’s house caught fire. The family members are unharmed, but they lost a lot of their belongings, including their computer. You never know when something like a housefire or a virus or your computer just plain crashing could happen. Be prepared! Back up your memories!!!