I’m catching up on some sessions that I have not blogged about yet. I know I should’ve gotten this one done, like, last week, but hey – this is for all you who still have your Christmas trees up!

Have you been naughty or nice this year?? This is the theme this fun family wanted to do. When Kara called me up and told me her idea, my immediate reaction was “Yes, of course I want to shoot that!!!” This session was soooooo much fun. Words cannot describe. This family is hilarious and this theme was just perfect for them. They love to have fun and have a good time (and the kids even have their sassy moments, too), but then they clean up soooooo good. Seriously, is this not a magazine worthy family? Merry Christmas again and Happy New Year!

naughty kids

eat socks

kids rule

kids rule 2

trapped parents

loving siblings