You know, my one wish is that my photos help you strengthen your relationships. If I photograph your family, I hope those images help you fell more love for your family. If I photograph a single individual (i.e. senior portrait), I hope those images help boost your self-confidence and help you realize your individual worth.  I love these first three photos that I am posted, specifically this very first one.  I hope that this Mom and Daughter can look at themselves laughing and having a good time and that this will be a favorite, cherished photo for the rest of their lives.  I just love the expressions and I feel it with all my heart!  Ok, I know part of what they are laughing at is that their knees were tired from squatting so long, but it is still a very special photo to me.  🙂

I often get the “we haven’t taken family pictures in a l-o-n-g time” or “we’re not really picture-people” comments almost as if people are trying to warn me of something.  So when I asked Tracy if I could take a few shots of just her, she kind of gave me the “well…. if you insist….”  response.  Moms, it is so important to have pictures of yourself (and you with your family) for your children.  I recently talked to the daughter of a client who has since passed away.  The daughter repeatedly thanked me for the photos of her mother, expressing how much they mean to her & her siblings, and how much it means to her to have a beautiful portrait of her mother.  Not mom in pajamas playing with the kids, not mom after a hard day at work/housework, not mom watching brother’s t-ball game, but a portrait of a beautiful mother that is just “her.”  Thanks so much for obliging, Tracy!  🙂  And now for a MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL!  $25 off a Mom Mini-session for the month of May.  Say that five times fast.  (Yes, Moms, a “Mom Mini-session” means portraits of you!)

And this beautiful lady will be a senior next year!