A long long long time ago…. ok, last November…. I went to a model shoot put together by a friend. Yes, it was November, which means super busy time of year for me. In the same week that I attended this shoot, I did a maternity session, an Eagle Scout, a newborn session, and a family. So while I was standing with a handful of other photographers watching and directing and photographing our lovely models, I thought to myself “When am I EVER going to edit these images??” And for months they have been continually pushed onto the back burner. Well, lo and behold, I have a small break and thought it was time. These poor images deserve it, they’ve been waiting so long!

We actually had 5 sets of models, 5 different “stations” we could rotate through. However, it is a little different (huh, a little?) than a regular portrait session in that there are a number of photographers all trying to photograph the same person you are!! Where does the model look? Which directing voice does she listen to?? And now, months later I am super picky about which images were even worth editing, since this shoot was for me and not a client. Wow, this is an interesting process. Ah well, I’d do it again. Model shoots are fun and chatting with the other photographers is fun and making new friends is always good. 🙂