Something I super love about weddings is when people totally make them their own. Gone are the days of weddings should have a tiered white cake and vegetable & fruit trays as refreshments. Or the bride wearing a veil or the groom wearing a tux. Or pretty much anything. I’ve had a bride that served pizza, a bride who wore cowgirl boots, and a bride who served root beer floats in lieu of cake.  Carla left straight from her wedding ceremony to go on her honeymoon and had the reception party a few weeks later! I loooooove when people personalize their weddings and do what they love, or what works best for them.  

Maddie & Jeremy love waffles. Their cake is waffles. (Ok, it’s cake batter baked on a waffle iron). Their refreshments were waffles with different syrups, fruits, and other toppings, including chicken. I’ve never had chicken and waffles, but I love that Jeremy & Maddie love them.

The flowers are all handmade out of paper by a sister.   The ring bearer’s suit was his dad’s suit from when he was a little boy.  Instead of the traditional diamond, Maddie’s ring has a moonstone.  The decor was incredible.  The color scheme, the succulents, the burlap.  I dare say that’s the best that church gym has ever looked!!  Congrats Maddie & Jeremy on your beautiful wedding and a beautiful start to a lovely life together!


They are a bit partied out!!!

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