If I can remember correctly, a long time ago, I photographed Maddie in another white dress when she was 8 years old getting ready for her baptism. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Maddie grow up. From being a little girl – the youngest, the baby of the family – to an intelligent, confident teenager to a radiant, mature and now married young woman. Maddie is one of a kind and has found her perfect match with Jeremy!

The nieces and nephews were so excited to see Jeremy & Maddie come out of the temple!

Added Bonus: Maddie has years of dance training.  Anything I asked her to do, she could do it so naturally like it was second nature.  At one point, I said “I’m feeling rather Sound of Music-ish.” With her vintage-ish short dress and their cute young-people-in-love-ness, it reminded me of the scene where Leisl and Rolfe dance and sing in the gazebo, so I asked Jeremy & Maddie to get up on the low stone wall and dance a little bit.  No problem, they said! <3

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