Well, if this last post was about the beauties of being a parents, then this new post is about the joys of being a grandparent. I often get calls from people saying “My family is finally going to be all together in one place and we need a family portrait” Of course this is a great opportunity and you have a great need for it. The grandkids grow, people get married, new babies are born. Your family is constantly changing. Record how your family is right now! Don’t be one of those people who say “the last family portrait we did was when Jane was 4 yrs old, and now she’s 20!” Peggy & Jon are a fantastic couple. They have this wonderful sense of humor between the two of them that is just so fun. They were able to spend an entire weekend with their three sons and their beautiful wives, plus a handful of grandkids. And they shared a small part of their weekend with me! 😉

This family is full of gorgeous people!!! Love it!