Meet Lucy. Lucy is the car. She has had a significant impact on our relationship. You see, very early on in our friendship, I commented that my husband would get to drive her since, at the time, there were no seatbelts in the backseat and how could I drive the kiddos around with no seatbelts? So, yes, it’s true, he married me for my car.

Ok, I tease.


Chris and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in March. (You can take a peak at one of our wedding photos here) I highly recommend a LOVE session for all you happily marrieds out there. I had been thinking about this for a while, formulating just the right plan – wardrobe, location, etc – and I am so glad we did this. Men, I know sometimes this isn’t your favorite thing to do, but I promise your girl will totally love you for it!!! Luckily, Chris is pretty accepting of most of my crazy ideas, so when I said “photo shoot” he said “tell me what to wear and when to be there”! Sigh. I love him. The only thing that would’ve made this session completely ROCK is if I had been able to find my favorite CD. Heather, our photographer, suggested bringing our favorite CDs, and I couldn’t find them! 🙁 But I can sing my Jimmy Eat World in my mind as I look at these photos and remember that great evening.

Photographed by Heather of Forever Dawn Photography.  Heather, I don’t think I can thank you enough!