It’s taken me much longer than I’ve intended to blog about this birth. August was a bit of a busy month and with the kids home all day, my work hours were very limited. So since school has officially started, I can get back into the groove!
This is Nikki’s third birth, but first homebirth. Her second daughter was born quite fast, and so of course we all expected another quick birth, but you never can plan these things! I got a phone call around 11:00pm. The midwives and I stayed with Nikki and her family through the night. By morning we knew everyone, most importantly Nikki, needed some rest. And so I was called back around noon that day, and a few hours later Nikki had herself another girl! And Nikki has given them each a name of a Queen, which I think is very fun.

I thought it very appropriate to have these two figurines in the bedroom.

11:46pm The little ones are fast asleep.

By the way, Byron was introduced to Angry Birds tonight.



3:36pm I quite like this image.



She definitely has Nikki’s lips!

A true knot.

Grandma sending out a text saying “She is here and beautiful. Momma did great!”

Meeting baby sister!

Congratulations Nikki & Byron!
Home waterbirth delivery attended by midwife April Kermani and assistant Marcie Webb