holding moms hand
Summer is upon us!!! I hope you all have wonderful, magical summers! I know the internet is full of those lists of “50 creative things to do this summer” I think I’m going to have to find one of those and make sure my children aren’t bored… In fact, LEAVE A COMMENT with your favorite thing to do in summer, or even your favorite childhood summer memory. We have a few trips planned which will be great, of course, but it’s those in between days that start to pile up with “What can I do, Mom?” The heat has this rotten ability to stifle and since the only pool I own is a blow-up one, we’re going to have to be creative…

sibling fun

And this is one of my favorite sessions to date. This is Bliss. This is what I want every session to be like. Hanging out with a great family, getting to watch them interact with each other (especially Dad intently listening to his son!), enjoying the beauty of our surroundings, enjoying the beauty of those luscious curly locks, playing more than “posing.” To these kids, this was a morning picking fruit at an orchard. As they get older, hopefully these will be some of their favorite photos, saying “Aw, look at me with my arm around my brother” and “Look at how in love Mom & Dad are” and “I love this family photo” and “This was a great day!” Lol I want a photographer to follow me around all day long and make my life look like this!!!

sibling love

curls & eyelashes

brother's eyes


pick an apple

apple bite

daddy listening

parents smiling

holding hands

Family snuggle

mom & dad
By the way, I love taking photos of just Mom & Dad. So many times when I request it (or occasionally when the client actually requests it) Mom & Dad will say “We haven’t had any photos of just us since our wedding photos” or something similar. It’s important for your children to see and have photos of their parents together as a couple and not with children climbing all over them all the time. And it’s important for you as a couple to have those for yourselves as well to help strengthen your relationship with each other. So, be prepared!!! I will do “Mom & Dad photos” in every family session, because I KNOW it’s important. <3