If you are ever in need of flowers….. wedding….. birthday…. Prom…. Valentine’s Day… Father’s Day…. Secretary’s Day…. Because You Are Awesome Day…. make sure you call Flowers by Michelle. I’ve actually known Michelle for at least 20 years, and I think she’s been doing flowers that long. Probably longer. Because I think she’s probably been in business for herself nearly that long! Anyways, Michelle is one amazing lady and just look at her gorgeous family!! Her husband kept us laughing non-stop, the dogs surprisingly sat still, and her daughters… can I keep them for my very own?!

Flowers by Michelle: Website | Facebook Page

Oh and by the way, I have June 11 & June 12 available for Orchard Sessions in Provo Utah, and June 22nd for Beach Sessions in Southern California.  Email me to book!  🙂

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