Michelle and Jose joined me on a rather windy evening. Ok, it was quite windy.  So windy, at one point my chair blew over.  😐  This spring has been so windy, it’s almost unbelievable!!  Well, Michelle and Jose were good sports and put up with all my requests.  Walking half a mile while 36 wks pregnant… wardrobe changes…  pose here, pose there….   and my favorite: the “Wait! One more!” after I’ve already put my camera away.  Occasionally, ok maybe 50% of the time, I will see/think of one more shot, but I’ve already said “we’re done” and packed away my camera.  A few times, in my early days, I have brushed the thought aside and gone on home, only to wish I had taken that last shot, because I knew it was perfect and I was missing out on one of the best shots of the session.  Now, I’ve learned and if I ever get that Wait! One more! feeling, I absolutely listen to it and do it!  Otherwise, I go home to regret it.

Anyways, on to Michelle and Jose.  I quite like how the wind adds a soft playful and romantic feel as it blows Michelle’s hair.  These two are expecting their first baby and the gender is a surprise!  Yay!  So fun!  I can’t wait to see the little cutie that will fill those tiny shoes.  Stay tuned for a newborn session in a few weeks.