This was a two part-session, both parts being incredibly beautiful. I mean really, waist deep grass? Overgrown orchard?? A subject who is cooperative and willing to pose however and wherever??? Who could ask for anything more?!!? Blowing dandelions, going exploring, playing pretend… isn’t that what childhood is all about?  These photos were taken in Utah. I am totally willing to travel, especially to places that are lush and green and heavenly. I am planning a trip to Utah (SLC/Provo) in early May for some blooming orchard session, so if you want a part in that, send me an email to reserve your spot!

blowing dandelions

blowing seeds

fingertips and grass

walking through grass


standing by fence

model shoot

sitting in orchard with parasol

parasol and orchard

face shot

hair flower

dress bow

finger tips

Baptism headshot

dancing in the orchard

walking away
Like Anneliese’s, these were baptism portraits.