While you are laboring, the last thing you may be thinking about is whether or not you are photogenic at that moment. Who really cares at that point, right?? 🙂 Well, with a little preparation & planning beforehand, your birth photos can turn out better.

Step 1. Wear a black tank top or black sports bra. Imagine that “Little Black Dress” look, only for a pregnant (laboring) woman. Black is always a good color for portraits, and birth is no different. Black is simple, not distracting, and has got style! And black creates contrast between the skin tone of your face and the color (black) of your shirt. Those of you going to the hospital, this applies to you too. You know you don’t have to wear that drafty hospital gown, right? Just because the staff wants you to wear the gown, doesn’t mean you have to. And leave your shirt on. Unless you want your n*pples in the pictures….?
Step 2. Use dark colored towels for when the baby is born. Again this creates contrast and more importantly, draws attention to the baby’s face. The baby should be the center of attention, not the blaring white towel or receiving blanket.

Step 3. Leave a light on. Because I desire to be non-distracting at births, I do not use my flash. This does get interesting when a woman is laboring in the middle of the night and wants to labor in the dark. Some women prefer it to be dark, some don’t care, it’s a personal matter. But just know that if you hire me, and you want to labor in complete darkness, it will have an affect on your photos. So please, leave one light on. The hall light, the bathroom, the closet, whatever, just leave a light on! 🙂
These are all, of course, my personal recommendations for the quality and well-being of your birth photos. However, it’s all a personal matter, especially when it comes to birth. You have your own personal preferences, such as laboring in the dark, or in your favorite t-shirt, or listening to your favorite band, etc, etc. The things I have said here may not be that appealing to your personally, but for your photo’s sakes, these are my recommendations.