Clair is a very intentional person.  She understands that everything has a reason and she chooses to live her life with purpose.  Clair homeschools, she’s an artist, she’s an herbalist, and she births at home.  Upon ultrasound confirmation that this baby was a girl – something Clair already knew and felt in her heart – she named her Rebecca, after her own mother.  Baby Becca’s due date even fell close to Grandma’s birthday and Clair hoped she would be born on that day.  Grandma’s birthday came and went, and the time had also arrived for Grandma (who had been visiting for a few days) to go home!  Clair so wished to have her baby with her mom present, but as labor started and stalled and started and stalled, it became clear that Baby Becca would not be born before Grandma’s flight would leave.

Clair made these bowls.  She also made very thoughtful, personalized gifts for each of her birth attendants!

Clair’s team of midwife, assistants and doula.  Clair, with her gorgeous thick long hair, requested that everyone wear braids to her birth.

Clair’s mum kills time while Clair rests during early labor.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming to have a house full of people (or a hospital room full of people) when you are in early labor and things are slow.  And so, the other birth attendants and I went to get some lunch and to give Clair a break.  

After her nap, Clair was hungry too.  Her husband was so sweet to make her favorite lunch, including the crusts cut off the sandwich.  He said the aversion to the crust only surfaced during pregnancy.

I always love the husbands during labor.  This one did not disappoint!  He was so sweet and so attentive, even though he was exhausted himself (he was literally falling asleep at one point, poor guy!), he truly cared for his wife’s every need.

Progress was still slow and it was decided that Clair needed to rest some more and that the birth attendants would go home.  I love this shot of the assistant discussing dilation with Clair.

As often happens with slow, erratic labors, Becca was born quickly, almost catching Clair off guard!  I was not called until a little while later after the shock and excitement settled down and arrived to photograph this sweet babe with her new siblings and family.  Meet Miss Becca.


Congratulations Clair and your sweet family!!!