I’ve been so anxious to share this birth with you.  It is so beautiful in so many ways.

I learned early on that Jonelle was expecting and could not wait for her birth.  Jonelle is someone who I have admired from the moment I met her.  She is inspiring in so many ways – whether it is her parenting & homeschooling wisdom, her vast knowledge of herbs and all things healthy, or her peaceful and uplifting spirituality – her example inspires me every day to be a better person.

motherhood realizedLuke 12:32 Fear not, little flock…  I love the details I find at homebirths.  I was not surprised at all when I saw this note.  Of course, Jonelle and her brilliantly thoughtful self would have a little reminder of “Each day, one thing for myself, my husband, my kids, my home.”

each day one thingThe gender of the baby was a surprise.  Already having four brothers, Jonelle’s only daughter was hoping for a sister.

for my sister



belly cast on the wall

6:27am Jonelle worried that she had called the midwife and I too early, but we assured her it was not too early.



Big Sister wanted to be there for the birth.

waiting waiting
6:56am Midwife Dixie Story watching Jonelle.
midwife dixie story

labor pains
This might just be my favorite photo from the entire birth…
loving hands


the belly

bathtub labor
7:26am The other kids were starting to join us.
three waiting

with dad

little hands
7:46am Big Sister is a little worried for her mama.
worried sister
7:58am Be strong and have courage! I think this photo right here was months in the making. Jonelle later told me “this pregnancy has been rough emotionally and physically…” and I know especially the last two weeks of her pregnancy were incredibly hard. But it was during that time that she was a pillar of strength to others, lifting them up, and comforting them. And here she is in the very last moments of her labor, probably exhausted and tired and maybe a little bit frustrated, but she was strong and she had courage!
Love love love the support & teamwork!
last contractions
8:08am Baby is born!
freshly born
What a face of relief!! Anyone else feel like this after they’ve just delivered a baby? 😉
And… it’s a GIRL!!!!
checking to see

new baby

little big brother
Calling her sisters to tell them “we’ve got a sister!”
call the sisters
The big brothers looking over “the list” of baby names.
the list of names
9:11am The littlest big brother gets to cut the cord. Love his reaction!!!
with the scissors

cutting the cord

grossed out

length measurement

midwife newborn exam

double photo
There is no shortage of snuggles and loves for this little lady. Jonelle said “she completes our family.”
sweet newborn

brother & baby

big brother

baby & parents
Joshua 1:9 Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest.
be strong
A very big congratulations to Jonelle & her family!  And thank you for having me <3

Midwife Dixie Story
Birth Photographer Jessica Benson