Happy Valentine’s Day from your wives! Throughout these shoots, I have tried to focus on the face because, to me, the face is “you”. Your body will change shapes and sizes, your clothes with change with the fads and styles, but your face will always be you. (I know, I know, there is make-up and plastic surgery and botox, but you know what I mean.) My new favorite quote is from Ina May Gaskin, “Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body.” (and your face and yourself, etc.) So I did try to stay tight on the faces but there are some fun full body ones as well. Enjoy!

We’re going start with Maren, because this is my absolute favorite!! There are a lot that I really like from these shoots (obviously, since this is a super long post!) but this one I have to stop and stare at it every time I see it. Thank you Maren!

This is Kristin, mother of six!! You know, one of the reasons I thought to start this all was that I didn’t have a good pics of myself! I was making a book as a Christmas present for my grandmother. I made a page specifically of each kid, then I made one of my husband, so I thought, “well, I have to make one of myself now.” Trying to find recent pictures of myself where I’m not in my pajamas, or getting squashed by one of the kids, or even in the picture at all (since we moms are usually the ones behind the camera) was rather difficult. So I thought, “I need some good pictures of myself, and my husband needs some good pictures of me, and my kids need some good pictures of me.” (It’s the gift that keeps on giving!) Hmmm…. We also need good pictures with our husbands. A friend recently said, “I realized that ever since we had kids, Steve and I barely ever appear in a picture together without our kids” Maybe we’ll have to do some couple’s sessions… Anyways, here’s Kristin.
Kim has a gorgeous smile (check out the last one of her!) and I looooovve all the window shots, but I had to limit myself just to one.

And Jeni. This girl always looks great.

And Jennifer. Can you tell from this first picture that she is so much fun to be around?!?!

Do you recognize Ashley from the teaser post?

Introducing Annette. She hasn’t had her portrait done since the Vietnam War!!!!

Some mom & daughter action! Lara wasn’t prepared for it but we made her anyways 🙂
And Lara. So beautiful!

Happy Valetine’s Day Dad!These ladies can also be seen here and here and here and here. Thanks so much!