Ten days before Christmas, Amelia made her grand entrance.  She was a few weeks early, but as healthy as could be.  Watching a new newborn be loved by new parents is a very sweet experience.  The dads are always especially doting, while mom is a combination of exhaustion (she did just give birth!) and floating on Cloud Nine.  Congratulations to this new family, to these new parents who got to take a very special present home just in time for Christmas!  Enjoy!

Summerlin Hospital birth photographer

Summerlin Hospital hallway birth photographer

Summerlin Hospital Birth Photographer

dad watching mom and baby

resting after birth

mom and baby

snuggling the new baby

newborn thumb sucker

cozy with new baby

Hospital bassinet

baby in bassinet

dad and baby

little fingers las vegas birth photographer

newborn hair swirl

newborn las vegas birth photographer first 48

baby toes

las vegas birth photographer first 48

dad and baby las vegas birth photographer