Abigail came to live with my brother-in-law’s family when she was just a handful of days old. They had fostered other kiddos before, but Abby’s situation was different. After a few months, their hopes for this baby turned toward adoption. This hope became a reality over the summer and Abby officially became part of their family. In August, Abby’s family took her to a Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where they were sealed to each other for time and all eternity. Their family relationship can now continue beyond death into eternity. Abby, we are so happy to have you in our family!!

There is a pretty cool story about how Abby got her name. The social worker had called and asked if my brother & sister-in-law were willing to take a baby boy. Having three girls already, they were kind of hoping for a boy, so of course they said yes. A little while later the social worker called back and said “I’m sorry, I was mistaken, it’s a baby girl. Do you still want her?” My SIL said “yes, of course.” Then she called my BIL and said “it’s a girl.” He got real quiet, which made her worry. He got quiet because he was thinking. He had just read The Peacegiver which features the story of Abigail & David (1 Samuel 25) and had the thought ‘if we have another girl in our family, her name should be Abigail.’ And so, they welcomed this baby girl into their homes, and when she was officially adopted they named her Abigail.

The sisters!
I love how the family hands are creating a safe place for Abbey’s hand, a protection.