“I can’t recommend Jessica highly enough! I had seen some of her previous work and loved her style. I knew she was the one I wanted to photograph my son’s birth. In person and over the internet she is warm, personable, and friendly. During the labor, she was positive and helpful, but not distracting. Most of the time, I was only vaguely aware that she was taking photos. My labor lasted through the night, and at one point, I told her she could go home and we’d call her when the delivery was getting closer. She said that she had done that once and missed the birth, so she opted to stay. I was impressed by her dedication to getting me the best pictures possible. After the birth, she was prompt in getting our photos to us, which both we and our families greatly appreciated! They were beautifully taken and very classy. We were thrilled with the results. Our birth photos will remain a cherished possession to us and our son. Thank you, Jessica!  XOXO”

~ Anjalique

“When expecting our first child, I hadn’t heard before of professional birth photography. Upon seeing the dramatic images on your website of other births you’d captured, I knew I wanted you to photograph the birth of our son. It was especially important to us because all of our family members live in other states.
During the birthing process, I was obviously focused on events other than you taking pictures. However, once I saw the photos, I was amazed with how many shots you’d taken during the time you were in our delivery suite. I was surely not an interesting photography subject since I was in bed the whole time, but you managed to capture the love, anticipation, excitement, and joy expressed by my husband and my mother during and after the birth. Since then, I’ve been given so many compliments on our birth photographs… everyone who views the photos says they feel like they were in the room with us. We were so very thrilled to welcome our son into our lives, and you helped us capture with such grace and sophistication his entry. I highly recommend your birth (and maternity!) photography services and I look forward to working with you again.”

~ Desirae

“Birth photography was a fairly new idea to me. I have had two children previously and did not have a birth photographer. With my third I decided to hire Jessica to capture those tender moments that my dear husband wasn’t able to. The birth experience with my son was unique in that I was given medication where I wasn’t able to stay alert or awake. This was something I hadn’t anticipated. I am disappointed that I can’t remember much of my son’s birth but so incredibly grateful for the beautiful shots I have from Jessica. The images are beautiful and a special keepsake for my family and I. She captured so eloquently the birth process, our emotion and our love for our son. Thank you Jessica, xoxo.”

~ Brooke

“What a HUGE blessing it was to have Jessica there. She did a PERFECT job. It was better than I expected, by far. I remember thinking before the birth, it might be a little weird having someone in the delivery room snapping away. But it was just the opposite. She did a fantastic job of letting us have our space and yet capturing every detail of the experience. In fact, when we were looking at the pictures, my husband looked at me and said, ” How did she get that shot? I don’t even remember her there for that.” lol. She did a great job of being invisible and at the same time, literally freezing everything I wanted to remember.

Honestly, I look at those pictures all the time! Actually, It was nice to look through them again before I had my second baby. I was able to almost go back in time with the my first birthing experience. I was able to better prepare myself, pump myself up for my next labor adventure. What a blessing it was to have Jessica there. (I just wish she was there for second baby’s delivery. If only we hadn’t moved hours away. )

Every time I look through them I can feel the emotions in that delivery room. I love it. They mean the world to me. I had two siblings who were away serving missions, so they wouldn’t be there for the birth process. It was hard knowing they wouldn’t be there for all the fun, a newborn can bring. But, thanks to having these images, I knew Steph and Mitch wouldn’t be left out. It has been so cool to show them every special moment!!

Thanks again Jessica for keeping those moments available for me to look through, over and over again. :)”

Love, Leanne

“I never thought to have pictures taken at a birth but since mine was a VBAC homebirth, I knew it was a great opportunity to have such a special occasion captured in photos. I met with Jessica prior to my session and we talked about how it would all play out and she gave me her contact information and told me when I should call her. The day came when I went into labor and we called everyone, including Jessica. When she arrived, she went right into doing her thing and I really didn’t even notice she was there. She was very quiet and respected the process of my birth. She fit right in with my supporting team and I felt completely comfortable with her being there. After the baby arrived, we talked a little bit and she made sure there wasn’t anything else I needed before she left. She told me she would let me know when the pictures were ready.

When I received the disk, I was blown away! The moments she captured for me were simply amazing. I still cry every time I look them and I am able to relive that incredible day over and over again! I would absolutely hire Jessica for my next birth, because giving birth is one of the greatest moments in life that I never want to forget and should absolutely be captured in photographs!”

~ Jamie