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New Life, New Love | Family

This cute family recently welcomed this sweet, little guy to the world. You know, there is something special – or lucky – about being the youngest/one of the youngest kids. When you are a new baby and you have older siblings who are old enough to really dote on you, it’s a really amazing relationship. And when you are the fifth or sixth, etc kid with a little bit of a gap in between, your parents have had enough parenting experience that they aren’t newbs anymore, and they’ve had enough of a break between babies/toddlers (and maybe they know you are the last) that they really relish and have fun with the newborn stage. I’m not trying to promote having a gap or whatever, and of course everyone is different and what may work well for some, won’t work for others, but even in my own family I see a difference the way I parented my first kids and the way I parented my later kids and the relationships of the older kids with the younger kids. And having a gap before the last, even my small gap of 4 years, ended up being really nice and having the older kids being older is really nice.

Anyways, this mama is one of the coolest mamas I know. She loves shoes, and is super creative with them. Her shoes for her session were darling, although I’m not showcasing them very well 😉 Next year, I will plan much better for a location that will be more conducive for heels. Her choice of baby clothes so fun as well. I’m only slightly disappointed that Baby Brother didn’t wear his Nirvana shirt… Coolest Mama = Coolest Baby Ever.


Best Sibling-Friends | Nevada Sessions Announcement

I’ve got to be honest. I really, really love these people and this session. These kids and this family just steals my heart every time! They are so sweet and loving with each other, the kiddos are truly best friends, the parents have such good relationships with each other and with the kids, and they are all-around beautiful people! I just love whenever this mom contacts me to schedule her next appointment because I KNOW it’s going to be great! We chatted about this session for a while. We discussed locations and props, we scouted and shopped, and then the magic that they ARE happened.

Seriously, I just love how sweet these two are!  

Makes my heart melt!!!

Nevada Sessions Announcement!!!

October 20-21, 2017

I will be in Boulder City, NV and have times available for outdoor desert locations, vintage downtown locations, and if you are a BC local, in-home sessions.

$350 for a one hour session, including 25 of your best digital images.

Times available are as follows:

October 20 – 3:00  4:00  5:30

October 21 – 8:00  9:00  10:00  3:30  4:45  6:00