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Laura is a repeat birth client! It was quite interesting having firsthand knowledge of her first birth experience and then being experiencing her second birth as well. When I arrived at her house last year, Laura was tense and almost a bit unruly as it seemed she was trying to escape from the constractions. This time when I arrived at her house, she was so calm and relaxed, I was thinking I had gotten there way too early and it was going to be a long night! I was wrong however, as I soon learned Laura has become a pro at this labor stuff. The baby was born 2 hours after my arrival without a sound from Laura. It was a beautiful, serene home water birth and I am so blessed to have been there to witness it!


Shandra is Marvelys’s new assistant. She has a soft voice and a lovely accent. Laura requested that during contractions the only person who talked was to be Shandra. This continued until the baby was born with Shandra holding her hand and whispering encouraging words. Such wonderful support!

Laura’s sister has been present for most of the births of her neices and nephews. She was scheduled to leave the next morning to return home and luckily this baby decided to finally come (Baby was a few days late) so her aunt could see her before she left and there for Laura during her labor & delivery.

Laura, you have one awesome staircase. 6:24pm

Andy too was much more calm and collected this time around. He is such a good husband and father. His job was to get the birth tub ready and he wanted everything to be just right.  Then he got into the tub and squeezed hips, rubbed her back, and even helped catch the baby.




Congratulations Laura, Andy, and Big Brother! Welcome to the world, Skye.

Home waterbirth delivery with midwife Marvely Lopez and assistants Judith and Shandra.
Birth Photography by Jessica B Photography.

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  1. sherrill graff October 23, 2012 at 6:14 am #

    so glad you were there to capture this moment. What a blessing for this wonderful family.

  2. Pamela October 25, 2012 at 8:25 pm #

    Amazing, as always Jessica! Love when your posts show up….they move me every time.


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