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Bryce | Class of 2018

Bryce loves being outdoors, he loves mountain biking and he loves off-roading. Lucky for him, he lives where the weather is mostly good (except for that blasted summer heat!) and he can do these things pretty much year-round. He also happens to live by some world-class mountain biking trails. So naturally, we had to incorporate these into his senior session. I really enjoy seniors. It’s a pivotal point in their lives, yes, and many important decisions and changes will soon be made/coming. I love taking the short time I have with them, finding out what makes them “them” and helping their uniqueness and individuality shine through their portraits. Senior sessions are so fun. Congratulations Bryce!


Sierra | Class of 2018

This girl has literally been running for most of her life. She started with participating in an elementary school running program, then added in some 5k races, then some kids triathlons, and as she grew older she participated in progressively harder races and made better times. For 5k races, she often is the first in her age group and has earned Overall First Place Female. She has gone to State for her high school twice, I believe, and she will be running on her college team this fall. Congrats Sierra! You have worked incredibly hard over the years and it shows.