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Happy Father’s Day | Utah Newborn Photographer

A precious little girl named Navy came to this earth a few months ago, and she has been blessed with some pretty amazingly fun parents, plus mom is an incredible decorator! This mama just celebrated her first Mother’s Day as a mother, and in just a few days, this dad will celebrate his first Father’s Day as a father. Do you remember your first Mother’s or Father’s Day as a parent?

This is probably my favorite shot from this session. I love how dad is just relaxing between “poses.” I know my husband works pretty hard for our family and as a result he is really good at falling asleep anytime he ends up in reclined position, and I’m going to assume that most dads actually have this superpower. So when I look at this photo, I see a hard-working dad who cares about his family, and would do anything for them, who is just taking a much deserved break. Now I know that a lot of the stress of raising a newborn falls on the mother (obviously, I’m a mom, I’ve been there!!) but dads need to take a load off too. And that’s why I love this photo! (Extra bonus: He’s looking at his wife <3)

This is a such sweet time of life, full of new experiences and making memories of all your “firsts.” One of my favorites is the first time our oldest’s diaper leaked on my husband’s pants… at church…lol! He very quickly excused himself and ran home to change. There will be many “leaky diapers” and “spit up,” like Navy is doing a few photos down, as we go throughout life but there will also be many moments of happy smiles and hugs and kisses. Congrats to this new little family! Enjoy all those firsts!!


New Life, New Love | Family

This cute family recently welcomed this sweet, little guy to the world. You know, there is something special – or lucky – about being the youngest/one of the youngest kids. When you are a new baby and you have older siblings who are old enough to really dote on you, it’s a really amazing relationship. And when you are the fifth or sixth, etc kid with a little bit of a gap in between, your parents have had enough parenting experience that they aren’t newbs anymore, and they’ve had enough of a break between babies/toddlers (and maybe they know you are the last) that they really relish and have fun with the newborn stage. I’m not trying to promote having a gap or whatever, and of course everyone is different and what may work well for some, won’t work for others, but even in my own family I see a difference the way I parented my first kids and the way I parented my later kids and the relationships of the older kids with the younger kids. And having a gap before the last, even my small gap of 4 years, ended up being really nice and having the older kids being older is really nice.

Anyways, this mama is one of the coolest mamas I know. She loves shoes, and is super creative with them. Her shoes for her session were darling, although I’m not showcasing them very well 😉 Next year, I will plan much better for a location that will be more conducive for heels. Her choice of baby clothes so fun as well. I’m only slightly disappointed that Baby Brother didn’t wear his Nirvana shirt… Coolest Mama = Coolest Baby Ever.