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Bryce | Class of 2018

Bryce loves being outdoors, he loves mountain biking and he loves off-roading. Lucky for him, he lives where the weather is mostly good (except for that blasted summer heat!) and he can do these things pretty much year-round. He also happens to live by some world-class mountain biking trails. So naturally, we had to incorporate these into his senior session. I really enjoy seniors. It’s a pivotal point in their lives, yes, and many important decisions and changes will soon be made/coming. I love taking the short time I have with them, finding out what makes them “them” and helping their uniqueness and individuality shine through their portraits. Senior sessions are so fun. Congratulations Bryce!


Briggs | Football Senior Portraits

Being a senior in high school is a special time of life, the last year of childhood, the last year before becoming an adult, the last year before huge life changes and decisions. A little extra attention for your senior can help highlight this time of their life. I love sessions where we can focus on their specific interests, hobbies, and talents. Over the years, I’ve done senior sessions with piano, guitar, dance, soccer, track, football, volleyball, wrestling, golf, basketball, horses, scouting, cars, mountain bikes, and each one has been really, REALLY fun. I love seeing these kids in their element and they always teach me something about their sport/interest. Let’s face it, I’m not a golfer, so I really have no idea what I’m doing out there on the green 😉 As part of their session, they get to show off their skills which is so fun! Whether it’s doing bicycle kicks, grand jetes, or running passing routes repeatedly to get the perfect shot, it is so impressive to see these kids excel in something they have worked so hard for and I am so happy to be able to provide them with a photo of themselves doing something awesome! I hope you enjoy this football session as much as I do!