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Arrow of Light | Cub Scouts | Las Vegas Children’s Photographer

Jared has worked for the past couple of years and has earned the Arrow of Light award for Cub Scouts. Cub Scouts is a three to four year program, and there are multiple steps to earning the Arrow of Light. It is Cub Scouts’ highest award and can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform, when the boy moves on to Boy Scouts. Jared has really enjoyed Cub Scouts and is now loving Boy Scouts. He also enjoys archery and wanted to bring his own bow & arrow along for this session, along with his commemorative arrow. Congratulations Jared! And many thanks to all his leaders! I know being a Scout leader is hard work.

arrow of light


arrow point

shoulder patch

webelos pins

monson award

belt loops


with arrow


bow & arrow



Angel Wings, Princess Ballerina, Sassy Jazz = The Dance Recital

Ask any photographer, and they will tell you there are “busy seasons.” Depending on what one specializes in, there are families in the fall for Christmas cards & holiday portraits, High School Seniors in spring, weddings in spring and summer, and of course babies are born whenever they are born. Historically, January & February are slow times which allow us time to concentrate on personal projects, get caught up if we are behind, or generally just take a break, because we all need a vacation once in a while.

It really has been a nice break 😉 and here is a personal project:

The local Dance Recital is coming up. Our studio does a fantastic job and puts on an amazing show. These are last year’s costumes (and the year before’s, if you really must know how slow I am at posting pics of my own kids) and we really have a lot of fun preparing for and doing these shoots. Enjoy!
jazz silhouette

jazz headshot

jazz sassyfras

jazz costume

jazz sass


ballerina on bridge

ballet shoes

ballet bridge

ballet head shot

ballet pearls

ballet 1

thoughtful bird girl

angel wings

feed the birds