Hailey & Harmony | Baptism Portraits

Hailey and Harmony will turn 8 soon and have chosen to be baptized as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is a special occasion and their mom requested a portrait session at the Las Vegas Temple. When we are baptized, we make promises or covenants with God and we look forward to the next promises we will make which are in the Temple, the House of God, so it was a very fitting location for this session. You know, with twins, you have two heads of hair to curl, two dresses and pairs of shoes to keep nice, even two mouths of teeth to brush. But all their mama’s hard work paid off, as you can see how beautiful these girls are!! She let them pick out their own dresses and shoes, and I love how they chose not to match! Sometimes with twins, we love to be matchy-matchy, but I love seeing their personalities shine through their dress & shoe choices. Hailey and Harmony are fun, darling, giggly girls who love each other, and who love their Father in Heaven <3


Briggs | Class of 2018

Briggs finished out his senior year on the track team. He was a sprinter, a long jumper, and a pole vaulter (unfortunately, not pictured). I really enjoy doing these kinds of specialized Senior Portrait sessions because I generally learn something from my clients about their talents and interests. I’ve never really watched anyone do the long jumping, so it was really fascinating to watch Briggs begin his approach, then run, jump, and land. As always, I appreciate my seniors and their willingness to demonstrate their craft over and over, whether it’s running for passes, bicycle kicks, playing the piano or guitar. Also, don’t you love Briggs’s hair???  I do.  Briggs will be attending Southern Utah University in the fall and is ready to take on this new adventure in his life!