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Carousel of Life | Documentary Family Photographer

This family is wonderful friends of mine. I <3 them. With the little kids, I knew we had to do something FUN! I mean, really, rare is the family that LOVES to get their pictures taken. I mean the ENTIRE family LOVES getting their picture taken. That never happens. (If you know someone like this, send them my way lol!) So having kids (or dads, just saying) who have a short attention span or get cranky is normal, so I have to plan ahead for that 😉 For this fun family, we met at an amazing park with a carousel. I love carousels. There's something timeless and innocent and happy about carousels. Thinking about what to write for this session, the carousel is unintentionally becoming the focus. It didn't start out that way when I was photographing, I promise. But think about it - Life is like a carousel. We have our ups and downs...and ups and downs. Parenting sure has it's ups and downs. Just this morning, I had a child quite upset at me and tears were shed. It would be nice if we could just have the ups. But I know the downs are necessary...if you are in a down, keep your chin up, things will get better. Enjoy the ride.


Family Time | Documentary Photographer

What are your favorite family moments from your childhood?

One of mine goes like this: We were dropping my oldest sister off at college and stayed at a little mom & pop red brick motel. There was a big grassy area edged with tall trees and it was later in the evening. We played baseball as a family. On the last day of summer, with a light breeze rustling the leaves, the six of us played baseball until the sun went down.

Now that I put more thought into it…where did the bat and the ball come from? Lol my parents must have planned it all along 😉

Sometimes “moments” just happen, sometimes they need some orchestrating, like bringing a bat, ball and gloves with you on a 650 mile trip. We love the everyday – the hugs, the reading a story before bed, the conversations around the dinner table – but we also love the moments that are different, special, out of the ordinary – a special night out, a vacation, or just going on an “adventure” as I like to call activities likes hikes, trying a new park, etc, that we do on days off of school (because we need to do something fun on a day off of school!). Whether it’s the everyday, like a Day in the Life Session, or an extra-special day, I am here to photograph for you.

This family drove the extra mile to get to our location and I hope they had a great time. The leaf fight at the end was slightly orchestrated, but I hope it’s something they will always remember <3 family hug