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National Dentist’s Day 2016

National Dentist’s Day is March 6th and of course, I’d like to share my favorite dentist with you. I’ve been going to Boulder Dental Group for a few years now and I love them. Firstly, everyone is friendly. I mean, really, why would you go somewhere where people are grumpy?! Lisa & the reception staff are just lovely girls and are always smiling and always in a good mood. Secondly, I love getting my teeth cleaned. The hygienists are caring and thorough, but they don’t belittle me for my bad flossing habits. I love the feeling of incredibly clean teeth. Finally, Dr. Huxford is not boring. Seriously, that’s a compliment. He’s easy to talk to, funny, and genuinely cares about his patients.

So, for National Dentist’s Day, enjoy a few photos of Boulder Dental Group that I recently shot for their website.

Dr. Huxford

Boulder Dental Group

dental work

dental work.


Silver Tip Jewelry | Native American Jewelry

I had the opportunity to photograph Hailey of Silvertip Jewelry. In the middle of winter, she came to see me.  We had a gorgeously sunny and warm day with a slight breeze. As she showed me the jewelry, my jaw dropped at this extensive collection. Then Hailey got dressed for photos. Her outfits and the way she paired the jewelry together and with her clothes was stunning!!! Hailey is a beautiful model – as you can see – and she is super friendly and fun to photograph.  And her jewelry collection is simply amazing.  Check out her website at

coral necklace

silver tip Jewelry red coral necklace

turquoise belt buckle

triangle earring turquoise jewelry

purple necklace silver tip jewelry

leather cowgirl silver tip jewelry

spider broach silver tip jewelry

amber spider silver tip jewelry

amber silver tip jewelry

fringed shawl silver tip jewelry

turquoise and black silver tip jewelry

Turquoise necklace silver tip jewelry

pistol and turquoise

turquoise necklace

silver tip jewelry silver earring

mulitcolored jewelry

lots of color

black boots silver tip jewelry

turquoise squash blossom

zuni jewelry

zuni jewelry model

tree in the desert