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“Homebirth” in a Hospital | Las Vegas Birth Photographer

After three long days of early labor, Mama arrived at the hospital at 7cm. What a relief! At that point, it’s nice to know there is an end in sight. And the end really came quite quickly – Baby was born only about 3 hours after arriving at the hospital.


labor room
9:47pm Mama and Dad laboring together. She was so strong and he was just a rock. Even though they were both exhausted, they calmly and smoothly worked through contractions together.
laboring together

strength in each other
10:08pm I love the teamwork!!!
laboring as a team

He’s so sweet and I love her smile!
shoulder rub
10:40pm Labor is hard work. Especially when you are nearing or past 72 hours of it.
laboring mama

hard work

holding dad's arm

grandma's hand

mom's hand

heads together
From the beginning, I had a feeling this was going to be a pretty good birth. Mama & Dad had a great perspective and outlook on the birthing process (even though this was their first), and then when we got to the hospital, the nurses were just great. But then in walked Charlene the midwife. I had never met Charlene, but I was pretty sure she was amazing. She walked in and observed. She didn’t take charge, she didn’t command, she didn’t call the shots. She stood back and watched. She asked Mama how she was doing, she offered encouragement or advice when needed, and she let Mama do her thing.
charlene manfull

working through labor

be strong
11:43pm The sigh of relief when it’s over and you have a baby in your arms!!
it's over!
Gotta love it when dads cry 🙂
daddy crying
Mama is so beautiful!

cutting the cord
Baby has so much hair!!! It’s so fantastic, I love when babies have lots of hair. Probably because my own babies are mostly bald when they are born…
baby hair

with mama

with dad
baby boy
Out of the all the births I’ve photographed (50 total, 27 hospital births), this one was most like a homebirth. The way the nurses & midwife handled the birth and treated Mama, the overall feeling in the room, this birth was the most like a homebirth in a hospital that I’ve seen. After witnessing this birth, I feel that when women say ‘I would like a homebirth, but we’ll be having this one in the hospital’ what they want is a birth like this one. It was truly a amazing birth.


Make Time for Family | Las Vegas Family Photographer

If you have more the two kids…. sometimes even more that just one kid….at some point in your life, you will hear “You’ve got your hands full!” A friend of mine who recently gave birth to #4 and now has 4 under the age of 6, responds with “Our hearts are full too!”

Life with babies and toddlers and small children and twins, like this family here, is often crazy. And yes, it’s still crazy when they become teens, there are just aren’t diapers to change.

Making time for your family is the best thing you can do. Make time to talk with them, listen to them, play with them, make them feel loved. They really, really don’t care what you make for dinner or whether the laundry is done or if you had a bad day at work. What they care about is how you make them feel when they are with you.

family in the desert

family black & white

husband and wife

happy mother

happy toddler

gorgeous locks


family with desert sky

And for your listening pleasure, some thoughts on making time for your family.