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Warm Wishes | Las Vegas Family Photographer

A friend of mine recently moved here from Montana. She asked, “When do you start wearing long sleeve shirts?” I answered “Never!” Lol! Ok, I do have a few long sleeve shirts, but having grown up in the desert, and only spending a small handful of winters somewhere else, I only know how to do winters my way! That is to actually put on socks & shoes on instead of sandals and put a zip-up hoodie over my t-shirt. If it gets really cold, I break out my peacoat & gloves. I know some of you love boots and scarves, maybe I’ll have to try that look one of these days.

For those of you expecting snow and/or cold Halloweens… We’ll be in our t-shirts…

CJ said she wanted a session in the desert because they have some family back east, and the desert is just so different than other climates! You can do a grassy park-like setting anywhere, but the desert is not anywhere.

father  & son
Yes, Jagger is a super-hero. He’s pretty awesome.
You can see more of these two when they were little here and here. I love seeing my babies grow up!

big brown eyes

happy family
Perfect for Christmas Greetings, eh?
stay warm

caring husband
Love this!!

brothers hug


Living The Sweet Life | Grandma Daisy’s Candy Shop | Las Vegas Family Photographer

When planning Lara’s family session, I knew the candy shop would be perfect. It’s such a magical place for a kid. Ok, it may not be quite as good as going to Disneyland, but I couldn’t wait to see these kiddos’ eyes light up when they walked in to Grandma Daisy’s. A big Thank You and shout out to Grandma Daisy’s real quick! Not only was the staff super helpful with this session, they also make their own delicious chocolates (including my favorite – the dark chocolate coconut haystack) and an impressive array of creatively dipped apples.
Take your pick…
take your pick

choosing a candy
Lollipops as big as your face…
giant lollipop

handsome suit
And how can you not love twins?? Especially when they are as cute as these two…


Makes your heart melt, eh?
And this handsome little guy…



my turn!


Congratulations, Lara, on your beautiful family! Life is sweet!
family at candy shop