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Riggs Family Yaks | The Healthy Red Meat

I had the opportunity to do some product shots for the Riggs Family Yak farm. I have to admit that yak sounds kind of weird to me as something to eat, kind of like goat or llama…

Do people even eat llamas?

When I walked into the kitchen, my mouth immediately started watering. Some of the cuts of meat were already being cooked and the smell was tantalizing. And it was lunchtime. Luckily, I did get to sample some of the yak meat. I was surprised that I really couldn’t tell that it wasn’t beef. Like, I didn’t eat it and say “What IS this?” as if someone was trying to pull the wool over my eyes. I did notice (and the website will tell you) that the yak meat is incredibly lean. One thing I really don’t like about beef is that it is so fatty. So, I would say that the yak meat smelled and tasted BETTER than beef because it is not as fatty. Plus, it’s grass-fed, free-range, no hormones, no steroids, etc, all that good stuff.

So, throw that last end-of-summer barbecue and stock up for the winter.  Treat you and your family to the healthy red meat.  Click here to purchase! and to check out their awesome website with photography from yours truly.

platter of meat





grilled steak


herbed butter

Is your mouth watering yet??


Family | Las Vegas Family Photographer

Summer is for family. I spent a lot of this summer with family – hanging out with my kiddos and new baby, date nights with my husband, fun vacations that included visiting cousins and grandparents, attended a handful of family reunions, and even got to visit with some long-lost cousins who came to my grandmother’s funeral. Make time for family!

Super-cute story behind these two. When they first met, he had a pretty sweet ride (although I’ve forgotten the exact make & model of the car now). He asked her out and she said totally said yes because of his car! All these years later (close to 50? Can’t wait for the big anniversary party!), they have a wonderfully large posterity and a beautiful marriage.