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VBAC Home Waterbirth | Las Vegas Birth Photographer

Whitney had been having on-again-off-again labor for a few days, so when labor kicked in for real, it was for real! When I got the call to come in, it was “yeah, you should probably come now.” In the half hour it took me to drive to Whitney’s house, labor had totally ratcheted up a notch and she was pushing when I walked in the door!!!

last laboring moments
Dixie, the midwife, giving Whitney some last encouragement and direction before the baby comes out.
dixie story waterbirth
The face of determination!!
face of determination
last contraction
12:23am Baby is born!
waterbirth delivery

The look of satisfaction, the look of “I did it!!!”
I did it!!

enjoying new baby

baby toes
I love the baby toes and the cute mama toes! 🙂
mama toes
1:03am Dixie making some notes in her chart.
Dixie Story
Whitney had a lot of support and family members at her birth. Big Sister showed up just after Baby was born and even though it was late and she was tired, she just fell in love with him right away.
big sis

big sis meeting brother

grandma & baby l
Big Sister checking out the tub where her brother was born. Whitney did not stay in too long after giving birth, so it was still relatively “clean”.
checking out the tub

reading the scale

getting weighed

length measurement
2:23am Big Sister helping with the first diaper.
diaper time

hugging paisley

Congratulations Whitney & Chris on your handsome baby boy! Whitney you totaly rocked the VBAC!!
Many thanks to Dixie Story and her awesome midwifery skills.


Endurance | Long Homebirth | Las Vegas Birth Photographer

This couple knows a thing or two about endurance. Both are members of the Air Force, Kaly herself is a pilot. Both are long distance runners. We discussed marathons and Justin’s Tough Mudder race. And together they survived 48 hours of labor and an incredible amount of pushing before they finally got to meet their baby earthside. Their sweet baby boy decided he was coming out HIS way, which meant a long labor for mama. This was an amazing test of strength and endurance and I’ve never been more in awe of a laboring woman. Many of us would’ve given up. I’m not kidding. Many of us would’ve given up. But not Kaly. It was hard, hard work, but I didn’t see her waver once.

front door

Kaly & Justin have six exotic birds as pets. Some people have furbabies, these two have featherbabies. This was part of the center piece on their dining table.
love birds

willow tree people
I love how involved Justin was throughout the whole day.
back rub birth ball


looking up
10:44am Justin is updating family & friends on their progress.

strong husband

sitting on bed

rubbing her back

12:46pm Kaly’s strong arms. She’s been in hard labor for a few hours now.
strong arms

the thinker

resting in between contractions

laboring in the tub

holding for strength
4:27pm still waiting…..
husband waiting

hug in the tub

6:32pm I don’t normally include shots like this, but I feel like Kaly’s story isn’t complete without it and, plus, she totally earned it! It was such hard work for her. Such hard work. This photo only shows a smidgen of it.

holding hands
8:49pm Baby Keith finally joins Kaly & Justin
freshly born

newborn exam

midwife weighing the baby
I love the toes!!

checking the heartbeat

new family
Congratulations Kaly & Justin!! And many thanks to midwife Marvelys Lopez who so lovingly and patiently cared for this family.