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CJ’s First48 Session | Las Vegas Birth Photographer

Maryann’s labor was long and hard, but after 2+ days labor, she has a darling little boy to love and snuggle and squish his cheeks! And he was so pleasant and sleepy for our First48 session, which of course makes my job easier (thanks CJ!). Congratulations Maryann & Cole, you have a beautiful little family!

To learn more about First48 sessions, click here.

st rose

catherine of siena

elevator bays

family mural


family in hospital

mom & baby

over the shoulder

dad looking at son


hospital tags





daddy kissing head

color hands

family hands

mom & baby

standing on mom's hands

on mom's chest


Herbal Bath Sessions | Las Vegas Birth & Newborn Photographer

The Herbal Bath is something I’ve had my eye on for a few years. I wanted to do one myself with my last baby, but she arrived early before I had gotten around to buying any herbs. The herbal bath is formulated to be healing for mom’s perineum and for baby’s cord stump, while also being calming and soothing. It should be a relaxing enjoyable time for mom & baby, and as you can see in the photos, Baby generally falls asleep.

In my Herbal Bath sessions, I provide the herbs and prepare the bath. I photograph for about a half an hour and then you are free to spend the rest of the time soaking and enjoying the bath. The herbal bath session should take place in the first week of life. The following photos are of a seven-day-old baby. Herbal Bath sessions are $250. Enjoy!

nursing in the bath

herbal bath with mom

looking at mom

sleeping in the herbal bath

sleeping in warm herbal bath