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Best of 2012 | Contest | Las Vegas Birth Photographer

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers holds an annual “Best of” photo contest. I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful group of photographers where I am inspired not only by my fellow photographers, but I am also inspired by our subject matter – the beauty and miracle of birth. Over 150 images were entered in the photo contest and believe me, they do not disappoint! I am going to have a hard time narrowing it down to which one I want to vote for! 🙂 There is a People’s Choice Award (I am #68 if you feel so inclined to vote for me), and an incredible panel of judges will choose the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, and Honorable Mention. The list of judges is absolutely astounding! Judges include Kevin Kubota (photographer-software-instructor-extraordinaire), Jennifer Block (the author of Pushed), Angie Arthur (co-founder of I Heart Faces), Jan Tritten (midwife and editor of Midwifery Today magazine), Peggy O’Mara (founder of Mothering magazine), Jacqueline Tobin (editor-in-chief of Rangefinder magazine), Sunday Tortelli (president of DONA International), Dr. Matthew Rogalski MD, Jill Krause (voice of, Lynn Wolf (marketing director for The Business of Being Born), and photographers Tara Whitney, Laura Winslow, Michelle Kane, Keren Fenton (winner of Best of 2011), and Lyndsay Stradtner (founder of IAPBP and Yes, that is quite a list!!! Honestly, my jaw dropped when I first read who would be judging!

So, knowing who would be judging… and knowing my fellow photographers who I would be up against… and being limited to only births from 2012… and being super picky myself… One photo kept coming to mind when I would think about what I was going to enter. And it was this…

Dad and his new sons, all of them wrapped up in striped blankets.  A very sweet moment.  Dad said it was the easiest family portrait ever.  “This is the way we should do all our family portaits!” he joked.  🙂

So I entered it. Again I’m #68, if you want to vote for me 😉 There are so many great photos entered!!! There are some that are quite graphic. This is birth, after all, so if you don’t want to look at those just scroll down faster. Enjoy! Please vote and share with others!


Get Creative | WET Dry Lake Bed | Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

A few months ago, it rained. It rained a lot! It rained so much the dry lake bed “filled up” and the water stayed for about 6 weeks. Ever since this session, I am always thinking of what I can do next when it rains and there is water on the lakebed. For this “shooting for me” session, I rounded up a girl to model for me, and then I thought, I need a guy too! Good thing we brought him along because I really like how the shots of the two of them turned out! You’ve seen him already in color, but black & white is lovely, eh?  It was fun to try something new, something different, and try not to slip or drop any of my gear in the water.

A side note for anyone who wants to venture out when there is water on the lake bed: The mud stains light colored clothing and there is glass! The glass is there when it’s dry too, but when it’s wet you can’t see it as well :/ A previous time when the lake bed was muddy, a few friends and I went out to play mud football.  It was sticky and slippy, so I took my shoes off.  On the very next play, I stepped on a piece of glass!  It narrowly missed a major vein in my foot and necessitated stiches.  It put a serious damper on our football game.  🙁 So, keep your shoes on!!!!

How awesome is this one???? 🙂