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Elle | Las Vegas Newborn Photographer

Meet Little Miss Elle. At the beginning of her portrait session, Elle’s mom and I joked about everything that could go “wrong” during a newborn session – poo, pee, screaming baby, etc. Well, I guess we jinxed ourselves, because Miss Elle did not want to sleep! She was perfectly happy nursing, or being held by mom, but did not want to sleep…. which means she did not want to be posed either! In her short few days here on earth, I think Miss Elle has already proven herself to have a “take charge” kind of attitude and that she wants to do things her way!

Just so you know, poo, pee, screaming babies, nursing babies, and non-sleeping babies are all normal. We do our best to schedule the session at just the right time for baby and prepare for the session as best we can, but sometimes babies just don’t want to do a certain pose or they don’t want to go to sleep when we want them to sleep. There’s not much anyone can do,
because we all know you can’t make anyone go to sleep or stop crying or stop peeing all over the place.

Anyways, Miss Elle did catch a few minutes of shut eye which we took full advantage of and she’s got a fabulous set of lips.  I’m actually quite enjoying her alertness though.  She has a very intelligent look about her in this first image here and further down I love how she is gazing up at daddy.

Let me know what you think!


Birth Photography’s 15 Minutes of Fame | Las Vegas Birth Photographer

Well, the topic of Birth Photography made it to the front page of the New York Times.   Then everyone from Yahoo & MSN to The Bump & Babycenter jumped on the bandwagon and posted their two cents.   We, the members of the IAPBP (International Association of Professional Birth Photographers), knew the NYTimes article was coming as some had been interviewed for it.  We were excited to share the idea of birth photography and our desires to freeze those very first fleeting moments of a new baby’s life, the journey into parenthood, and capture forever the love.   Unfortunately, some of the articles and those commenting view birth photography in a negative light.  One of my favorites is the NYTimes referring to “diva” moms and the response from Pinkle Toes Photography “Does this make me a Diva?”  I’d most like to direct you to IAPBP founder Lyndsay Stradner’s blogpost called The Truth About Birth Photography and Lexia Frank’s blogpost.   I don’t think it can be said any better than that.  Thank you Lyndsay & Lexia for your very thorough words.

I have both photographed births and hired a photographer to document my birth.  I’ve never once heard of anyone regretting hiring a birth photographer, only “Oh I wish I had known about you when my older children were born.”  Personally, I wish I had more photos of my older children’s births.  I’ve never had a diva mama client – all my birth clients have been incredibly gracious and unselfish, and no, no one cares what their hair or make up looks like.  I’ve never been told that my birth photos are gross or disgusting, only that they are beautiful and sweet and bring tears to the eye.  I’ve been told my photos and the women in them are inspiring.

While being a birth photographer is not for the faint of heart – dropping everything at a moment’s notice, long strange hours, possibly missing family outings or birthday parties, arranging babysitters, scheduling vacations months and months in advance, etc. – I thoroughly enjoy it.  I love the process of birth and love supporting laboring women through recording their story for them.  Birth is exciting, it’s a time of strength and growth, and it’s the arrival of a fresh new spirit to the world.  What a special experience!!!  It truly is a privilege to be a present for a birth and I am so grateful for all the couples that have invited me be there with them.  I have been photographing births in the Las Vegas area for almost four years now and it has been an incredible, amazing experience being the birth photographer.

One from my baby’s birth, of which I am so thankful to have.