Archive | March, 2012

Violin Girl | Las Vegas Childrens Photographer

My daughter received a violin for her birthday last year. She was ecstatic when she opened it. After a few months of lessons, I convinced her we needed to get some violin portraits done. Finally, she agreed. And let me curl her hair. And dress her. And take her to a fun location. And then…. The uncooperativeness comes out. I even bribed her with a shake from In-n-Out, which she still got even though she didn’t smile for me. Anyways, many thanks to Grandma Geri for the violin and to Samantha, the best teacher ever!


Twins! | Las Vegas Newborn Twin Photographer

You know, if you think photographing one newborn is hard… imagine trying to photograph TWO NEWBORNS!!! Yeah, you guessed it: When one was sleepy, the other was grumpy, and vice versa. And if by chance, we got them both asleep, it didn’t last long! 🙁 These guys were slightly past the 2 week mark, and I think for twins, the age limit is now ONE WEEK OLD! lol

Anyway, meet Justin & Logan, the homeborn twins.