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Happy Holidays

It’s time to be getting those cards out in the mail!!!  The Season is definitely upon us.  I moved my pumpkins from off my front porch and have been playing classical Christmas music in the house.  Shopping has hardly even started, but that’s alright.  I’m looking forward to enjoying this time of year with lots of opportunities to get together with family & friends (and most importantly, husband & kiddos) and really just enjoy those relationships.  And white elephant gifts.

Brittany & Adam celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah, which I think is so fun.  Marriage is about sharing and supporting each other, and Brittany & Adam are a great example of that.  Brittany wanted “something formal” for their holiday cards, so we started with “formal” and progressed from there  🙂

Adam says his mom put him in piano lessons when he was growing up, but he hasn’t played in so long, now he can’t play a thing!  He looks like he’s still got it though!

Isn’t Brittany gorgeous?

Sigh.  Just lovely.

Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas!!!


Parts of a Pair

I always stress being flexible.  Like when the wind blows, the location doesn’t quite work, or the internet loses your blogpost.

Jenn knows about being flexible.  Her boys are 2 & 3 years old and it’s inevitable that one or the other is not going to be 100% happy all the time.  Even with trains and trucks and rocks and plenty of room to run, we still had our meltdown moments.  But Jenn was prepared and brought along a good friend.  While the friend kept an eye on the boys, we had a beautiful few minutes with just Jenn & Dave.  Parents often joke about how they feel like they are taking their engagement portraits again.  Honestly, I had that engagement session feeling here, only… not in a cheesy way… but in a good way, a very good way.  Jenn & Dave, I hope you looooooove the shots of just you!!  (ok, I hope you love the rest of session too, lol!)

I named this post Parts of a Pair because of these images.  I see shots like these as “you” singular while still being “you” plural.  Because “you” are a team and “you” are a pair.   Think Jerry Maguire: You complete me!!