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Ballerina Senior Portraits

Chloe has been dancing since she was teeny tiny. She’s been on pointe for quite a few years and now teaches at the dance studio that she has grown up in! Her little sister is even one of her dance students. The sibling shots are a good way to bring a tear to your eye, eh? (More sibling images here)

Chloe posed for me a few times and then just started dancing. Wow. Ballet really is quite beautiful, and Chloe has got skills! Not to mention legs!!! And yeah, she’s gorgeous. I’ll have more of her in a few days.


Bleu. Senior Portraits.

Can you believe we are to the end of the year already?!?!? Wow. You’ve seen Bleu, Mr. Scholar Athlete and State Champion here and here. And we did this last session to round things out. On the way out, he asked how I chose the dry lake bed. Well, with all my portrait sessions, and especially senior portraits, I prefer to tailor them as much to the client’s style as I possibly can. My answer was this – about 6 years ago I did his family portrait for the first time. His mom told me “I don’t want a waterfall, I don’t want pretty green grass, I want the desert. I like the desert!” and so we did the desert! We did their family portraits on a mountainside overlooking Lake Mead. Now a few years later, and one other family session in between, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what his mom likes. 🙂 I was pretty sure Bleu wouldn’t mind doing the dry lake bed either. Doing three sessions over the last few months has been really fun and has really given us the opportunity to focus on Bleu and capture the essence of those parts of his life. If you are thinking about senior portraits for next year (2011-12), I totally recommend it!

Bleu, enjoy your last few days (weeks) of high school!!!

There are others, but I don’t want to post the same ones that will be on his graduation announcement. 🙂