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Chloe. Senior Portraits.

Miss Chloe needed regular Senior Portraits in addition to her Ballerina Senior Portraits, of course… but I asked her to bring her toe shoes to this session as well! I am learning sooooo much doing these senior sessions. Football, wrestling, basketball, and now ballet. Did you know traditional toes shoes have wood in them and new age toe shoes have plastic!?! Chloe prefers traditional, of course, and during busy dance seasons she can go through a pair every two months (or sooner?). Wow. We also had a visitor in a black & white car with lights on top. He was wondering what kind of mischief we were getting into here in the alley. Lucky for us, he & Chloe recognized each other. He had recently pulled Chloe over! She got off then, and this day he told us to “carry on” with our session! Ahhhh, good times.

She has a rather Mona Lisa-esque expression in this image on the left. And here on the right is how I imagine that most everybody know her: fun to be around and has got spunk & zest for life. Everyone needs a good serious photo (ie. thoughtful, solemn, content, relaxed, etc) of themselves and also a good happy photo (ie. excited, enjoying life, HAPPY!). We all have both sides to us, even if one comes out more than the other. It’s good to see both sides.

Stretching out the painted shoes. Lots of shoe shots. We like shoes.

What you can’t see in this photo is that the wind was just ripping. We nearly lost the umbrella and even Chloe almost blew away!!


Trevor. Senior Portraits.

Trevor’s mom scheduled his session. She said, “He’ll dress nice and we’ll meet you at the golf course.” For some reason, I had it pictured in my mind that he would be wearing a suit & tie. I’m not sure why I thought that… because what teenage boy willingly puts on a suit & tie… but I did. He showed up, very nicely dressed, and was even sporting some Ray Bans! I must getting old….

BTW Trevor DOES smile, he just has a handsome “serious” face, and these are my favorites. Oh and for all the ladies out there, Trevor likes soccer and will be attending BYU.

At this point in the session, I was thinking “I need a sailboat!!! This session needs a sailboat!!!” 🙂

The cross-processed look is very fun, but I don’t do it very often, because I feel like I need just the right image to pull it off. I was feeling it on these ones. What do you think??