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Happy Earth Day Birthday

It’s this pretty lady’s birthday today. And it’s Earth Day. We’re going for a hike. And my son wants to buy a push mower for our new backyard. I think it’s a great idea. Especially since he’s the one who will be doing the mowing… 🙂


Things that I Love….

Newborns. Black & white. Tiny feet. Funny story about this above image here: Andrew was so nervous about holding the baby without a diaper on. As soon as I said we were done with this pose, he passed her off to Amy, insisting he didn’t want to get peed on (or worse). So then we did some shots of Amy and sure enough, we had a mess to clean up. A poo mess. Luckily, not on Amy’s shirt, though. We did some cleaning and kept right on shooting! Amy is a photographer as well. It’s so flattering to be hired by another photographer!!

By request, the scale travels. (Certain restrictions apply!)

Poor Mylar…. not the only baby in the house anymore…. 🙂