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The Santa Train is Comin’!

Hey, just a little shout out for the Nevada State Railroad Museum! They were so kind to open a few trains for us during a portrait session and this little guy just loved it! Most kids love the trains, but especially so this weekend! It’s the SANTA TRAIN!!! Actually, this weekend and next – Santa & Mrs. Clause will be on the train to visit with the kiddos, and the train will be decorated with Christmas cheer. Get your tickets first thing in the morning – they sell out FAST!


Baby Makes Three

Meet Sam. Sam was about 2.5 weeks old for this portrait session. Sam’s mom and dad have a gorgeous bedroom where we spent most of our time. Sam is a pretty agreeable kid. He was awake for some shots, but also went to sleep for a few. He let us pose him and change things up without to much fuss. And he was kind enough not to poo on anyone, or anything, and luckily we had moved out to the tile when he decided he needed to pee…. all over mom! but not on the carpet (yay for tile!) or the bed (where we started the session). After these last few babies I’ve done, I am pleasantly surprised when things stay clean! 🙂

Sigh. I love this quiet moment.

I dig this one. It’s like he’s saying “If I could crawl, I’d come over there and tackle you!!!” And check out Sam’s awesome blonde streak!