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Birth Slideshow

One of my birth clients, Jamie, is an amazing woman. Not only did she have a homebirth VBAC with a 10 pound baby, but she goes running all the time, writes a fun blog, is super creative, is thoughtful and spiritual, and is an all-around Super-Mom!! And she made a slideshow out of my birth photography! I love it!




You know what I love about Sunny? She is always smiling! Her name fits her so perfectly. She smiles when she tells me her son has a giant bruise from a recent goose-egg on his forehead. She smiles when the two-year-old doesn’t want to cooperate. She smiles when the baby is eating rocks. She even smiles when random ladies at the grocery store say “Are they all yours?!?!” refering to her four children. Sunny is so awesome. She knows the personalities of her children and knows that almost any family outing could turn into quite an adventure, especially a portrait session. Well, it turns out the afternoon was totally fun, and we got some shots that I think fit the family perfectly. Enjoy!