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Amazing Birth Story!

My clients Angela & Mike had a bit of an adventure last week. Their baby came seven weeks early!! He’s a little guy but he’s healthy, and everyone is fine – he just decided to come early! (Hey, wait a minute… I was due much before Angela and I’m still pregnant!) Anyways Angela’s birth story even made the newspaper – check out this article in the Las Vegas Sun for the full report. Congratulations to Angela, Mike & little Max!

Congratulations also to Kim & Shea whose baby was also born last week. There must have been something in the air last week…


Kim. Maternity.

Kim is 37 weeks in these portraits. She is expecting a boy this time around – hence all the blue ribbons, etc. His big sister is quite the character. She kept me laughing throughout the whole session. Congratulations Kim & Family, and I can’t wait to hear about your new little boy when he gets here!