Archive | June, 2010

Heaven in a Bottle

One 25 year old apricot tree. One king size bedsheet. One awesome husband shaking the fruit from the branches. Three munchkins getting distracted while trying to help their mom catch the fruit with the bedsheet. Getting hit in the head by falling apricots. And then…. the sprinklers come on! The kids cried and we hustled to finish up our harvesting.


I had a house full of apricots… and I was washing and pitting and pureeing and cooking and processing for days and days and days….

Grand total: 64 pints of apricot syrup. 64 pints! (That’s 8 GALLONS by the way) (This may not sound like much to a seasoned fruit preserver, but for me that’s a lot!)

I’m ready for a break from the kitchen. I need a few more square feet in there… Like a couple hunderd extra…

Spotlight on Business: JC’s Landscaping

Even though we live in the desert and there is a big push to conserve water in our lawn use, that doesn’t mean you have to tear out all your grass and dump a load of rock on your yard! Personally, I think that is one of the worst things you can do!! You can still be water-smart and still have a beautiful lush yard! This is where JC’s Landscaping can help you. Jeff has been in business for over thirteen years. He is experienced in many facets of landscaping, such as residential & commercial design, laying sod & synthetic turf, water-smart xeriscape, clean-ups & tear-outs, and monthly maintenance. Jeff utilizes many elements in his designs, such as flagstone, pavers, retaining block, synthetic turf, colorful drought-tollerant plants, and your existing vegetation. He can even build you a water feature! Contact Jeff to see how you can beautify your front or back yard today!