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Melissa & Lexi

These girls wanted their Senior Portraits done together because, well, it’s more fun! I completely agree. It is more fun to bring a friend along who you can be silly with, who can help you with last minute outfit concerns, etc. Not that I can’t help you with these things, it’s just that sometimes it’s nice to bring a friend. 🙂

Meet Melissa: Softball player, big sister, Prom Queen nominee, and aspiring photographer!

And Lexi: Also a big sister, volleyball star, & loves going to the lake.

Now if these girls were in a band together (or a little twosome of a singing group), then this would be their album cover!!

And this would go on the inside cover.

Thanks for the fun afternoon girls, and the beautiful pictures!

Coming Up Next….

Because I know you love teasers… Here’s what I’m working on:

A gorgeous wedding.
A pair of spunky seniors.

Stay tuned!